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Inkstand 1875 - Robert Harger (b. 1844, d. 1885) - Lancaster Asylum

This inkstand had been stored for many years in cellars and cupboards, and the full significance behind the item has only recently become clear. Robert Harger was "Clerk of Works" at Lancaster Asylum for seven and a half years from 1867 to April 1875. He was then Sanitary Inspector for the Skipton Union from April 1875 until his death in 1885. He is buried at Waltonwrays Cemetery in Skipton.

Inkstand (JPG, 487kb)
Inkstand (JPG, 487kb)
Inkstand inscription (JPG, 349kb)
Inkstand inscription (JPG, 349kb)
Inscription: "Presented to Mr. Robt Harger by the Officers & Workpeople of Lancaster Asylum, as a token of their esteem April 1875"

Article from Lancaster Gazette, Saturday May 8, 1875


Lancaster Gazette article 1875 re resignation and presentation (PNG, 795kb)
Lancaster Gazette article 8 May 1875 about presentation on resignation (PNG, 795kb)

Presentation - On the 28th ult. a testimonial was presented to Mr. Harger, who has received the appointment of Sanitary Inspector for the Skipton Union, consisting of a beautiful silver inkstand and pencil case, supplied by Messrs. Bell and Atkinson, and bearing the following inscription, "Presented to Mr. Robert Harger by the Officers and Workpeople oi (sic) Lancaster Asylum, as a token of their esteem, April, 1875." Mr. Harger was also presented with an address containing about 50 names of the subscribers, with the following heading, "County Asylum, Lancaster, April, 1875. Mr. Robert Harger having resigned the office of Clerk of the Works at the above Asylum, which he has filled during the past seven and a half years, the undermentioned officers, attendants, and workmen connected therewith, are desirous of manifesting their appreciation of his many excellent qualities, and to express their best wishes for his future welfare."

Although the newspaper article describes the inkstand as silver, there is no hallmark on the inkstand, which there should be if it was silver.


Tree for Robert Harger's immediate family (also available as pdf, opens in new window)

  Tree for Robert Harger's immediate family cluster_d64707ce624611624d3d66c4d40 cluster_d64670fd6786dfc844c0f190d51 cluster_d650c9ae8bc135fc47250ba98e2 _d64707ce624611624d3d66c4d40->_d650c5cc1c97a01ecec52a576e6 _d64707ce624611624d3d66c4d40->_d6470b868af235affea605b63ef _d650c5cc1c97a01ecec52a576e6->_e05c7e5cc0d1cd64849f5e9d4d0 _d6470b868af235affea605b63ef->_d64670fd6786dfc844c0f190d51 _d6470b868af235affea605b63ef->_d6470a432cb206e86d1bd361eb7 _d650c4b37051e67ff519c570ed4->_d650c5cc1c97a01ecec52a576e6 _d647089c7025dea937bff19840d->_d6470b868af235affea605b63ef _d64670fd6786dfc844c0f190d51->_d646715532970f25d8d1db12258 _d64670cf8d63d97c82c867c174d->_d646715532970f25d8d1db12258 _d650c9ae8bc135fc47250ba98e2->_d650cee12327c9f081cb485f63d _d650cee12327c9f081cb485f63d->_d64707ce624611624d3d66c4d40 _d650cbb06887f1e8a758cd03dfe->_d650cee12327c9f081cb485f63d _d64707ce624611624d3d66c4d40 HARGER, Robert * 7 Jan 1844  Settle, North Yorkshire, England + 25 Nov 1885  North View Terrace, Gargrave Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England _d650c5cc1c97a01ecec52a576e6 8 Jan 1868 Zion Congregational Church, Settle, North Yorkshire, England _d6470b868af235affea605b63ef 23 Nov 1870 Southport, Lancashire, England _d650c4b37051e67ff519c570ed4 HARVEY, Mary Isabella * 29 Jul 1844  Settle, North Yorkshire, England + 5 May 1869  Lancaster, Lancashire, England _d647089c7025dea937bff19840d KIRKBY, Ann(ie) * 6 Jul 1844  106, Church Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England + 27 Dec 1893  126, Clarendon Road, Morecambe, Lancashire, England _d64670fd6786dfc844c0f190d51 HARGER, Margaret (Maggie/Madge) Annie Kirkby * 26 Apr 1881  Skipton, North Yorkshire, England + 12 Jul 1950  Sudbury, Suffolk, England _d646715532970f25d8d1db12258 29 Apr 1911 St John's Methodist Church, Settle, North Yorkshire, England _d64670cf8d63d97c82c867c174d GOULD, Thomas Henry * 9 Aug 1879  Bretby, Derbyshire, England + 3 Nov 1945  Glemsford, Suffolk, England _d650c9ae8bc135fc47250ba98e2 HARGER, Joseph * 19 Dec 1809  Settle, North Yorkshire, England + 14 Apr 1886  Settle, North Yorkshire, England _d650cee12327c9f081cb485f63d 11 Jan 1841 Giggleswick, North Yorkshire, England _d650cbb06887f1e8a758cd03dfe BALDWIN, Margaret * 13 Feb 1817  Settle, North Yorkshire, England + 12 Sep 1891  Settle, North Yorkshire, England _e05c7e5cc0d1cd64849f5e9d4d0 HARGER, female + Lancaster, Lancashire, England _d6470a432cb206e86d1bd361eb7 HARGER, Sarah ("Sallie") Agnes * 3 Nov 1876  Millholme, Embsay, North Yorkshire, England + 28 Sep 1938  Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

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