Hargers in Settle


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Business: Hargers' business (furniture shop and sawmill etc) was established approximately 1805/1806, possibly by Robert Harger. See for example: "Established XVIII century" or "Established at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar". It had premises in Settle on Goldielands, Station Road, and Cheapside at various times. From the WRMitchell archives (https://www.wrmitchellarchive.org.uk/), during an interview with Tom Dugdale: "There were the Harger Brothers, John and Thomas. Thomas was in charge of the building side and the joinery, and also he did fretwork. The other was John and he did the furnishing side, he did the upholstery, and John was very religious."

1806 Deed: Indenture of Apprenticeship between John and Thomas Green to Robert Harger see 1806_apprenticeship

Victoria Cave: Joseph Jackson was involved in the discovery of Victoria Cave in 1838. The cave may have been initially discovered by Jackson's employee, Michael Horner, and a man named Jennings (Brayshaw and Robinson, 1932). Joseph Jackson was apprenticed to Richard Harger (1782-1833) in 1830, and seems to have taken on Richard's business in 1833 on his death. In 1843, Joseph married Maria Harger (1815-1867), daughter of Robert Harger (1775-1848). Richard and Robert Harger were brothers. NB: there are various sources that indicate that Joseph Jackson's wife, Maria, was the daughter of Richard Harger: this is not the case: Maria was the daughter of Robert Harger; this is supported by their marriage certificate.

Settle Parish Church (Holy Ascension): for the construction of the church in 1836, Robert Harger (1775-1848) was appointed to obtain timber and do the carpentry. His son-in-law, Thomas Bateson, was appointed to obtain the stone and do the mason's work; see: Settle Graveyard Project: "Secrets of a rusty box!" (https://www.dalescommunityarchives.org.uk/ (pdf, 4Mb))

Pubs: In the 1841 Census, two brothers Eli (1777-1845) and Joseph (1780-1848) Harger were listed at the Naked Man and the Royal Oak, respectively, neighbouring pubs in Settle Market Square. Both were tenant landlords of their establishments.

William Lodge Paley (born 1785, died 1847): Diary 1814 - 1845: references to Harger: William Lodge Paley lived in Settle and Giggleswick and kept a diary which was published by Dr Buck, the Settle doctor. A typed extact of some of the pages mentioning the name Harger is at: WLP_diaries_extract_for_harger.pdf (pdf, 574kb). Some of the Hargers mentioned are identifiable, for example Richard Harger (1782-1833, the plumber and glazier) and his wife,, Eli Harger (1777-1845, of the Naked Man), other mentions are less easy to identify. For information about William Lodge Paley, see the article at Settle Graveyard Project

Edward Elgar: Sarah Ann Wilkinson Newsholme (b. 1851) (see Old Settle family tree on ancestry.com; requires login) was part of a large Hellifield-based family and grand-daughter of Nancy Bateson née Harger (1802-1849). It is suggested that in approximately 1883 Sarah Annie had a summer romance (or some sources suggest there may have been a proposal of marriage) with the composer Edward Elgar, who was a friend of Dr Buck, the Settle GP, who was friends with the Wilkinson Newsholmes. For more information see the Stories in Stone article on George Wilkinson Newsholme. However, it is suggested that her father put an end to it saying "I will NOT allow one of my daughters to marry a penniless musician!". There is further information in the September 2020 edition of the Elgar Society (Yorkshire & North East Branch) newsletter which may be found at: Stories in Stone website

Robert Harger (1844-1885): Skipton Library (https://www.facebook.com/skiptonlibrary) have written two excellent articles related to Robert Harger:

Inkstand presented by officers and workpeople of Lancaster Asylum in 1875 to Robert Harger (1844-1885): Robert Harger was Clerk of Works at Lancaster Asylum until 1875. He left Lancaster Asylum to become "Inspector of Nuisances" in Skipton from 1875. When he left the post at Lancaster Asylum, he was presented with an inkstand as a token of esteeem. More information can be found at: inkstand.

Statutory Declaration 1879: In January 2021, a draft of a "Statutory Declaration" dated 1879 came to light. The declaration is made by Joseph Harger (1809-1848) and describes the generation of his father, Robert, and siblings (Agnes (b. 1769), William, Joseph, Robert, Eli, Joseph, Richard (b. 1782)) and the grandparents, Joseph Harger and Agnes Peel, married 1768. More information is available at: declaration.

1 July 1902 Deed Mr John Vincent Harger and Mr Thomas Harger Inenture Deed of Partition of premises on Prospect Terrace Settle: see 1902_partition

The W.R. Mitchell Archive at https://www.wrmitchellarchive.org.uk/ includes some material on the Hargers. See for example: https://www.wrmitchellarchive.org.uk/search/node/harger. One of the individuals mentioned in the taped interviews has their name transcribed as 'William Eddie Dugdale'. The person was known as 'Eddy Dugdale': see for example the entry in the press report (pdf) of a funeral where he is listed with his wife (Gertrude née Dalby adopted Harger) as 'Gertie and Eddy'. The transcription error is quite understandable in the circumstances and without previous knowledge. The correct spelling should be Eddy, as this was the maiden name of the individual's mother (she was Ruth Eddy from Penrith). See for example entries in the Settle Stories/Old Settle tree on ancestry.com for William Eddy Dugdale and his mother Ruth Dugdale née Eddy (requires ancestry.com login).

Methodist connections

The first Methodist chapel in Settle was in Chapel Street, Settle and was built in about 1780 on land purchased by Edward Slater.
Another chapel was built on the same site in 1810, the contractor being Robert Harger.
By the end of the 19th century, this was inadequate, and a new building was built and opened in 1893 on Church Street. Plans by Mr J Wills of Derby, Messrs Harger Brothers holding the contract for the whole work and Mr J Hardy the sub-contract for the stonework. The building in Church Street (latterly known as St John's Church) was demolished in 2015.
The name Harger is also linked with building of the Methodist chapels in Long Preston and Austwick.

There were other Methodist chapels in Settle, including a site at what is now known at Wapping Hall in Upper Settle, and a chapel on Skipton Road. Wesley preached in Settle in 1777 and 1784, although Methodism may have preceded Wesley to Settle (Beckerlegge, 1975), possibly as early at 1743 (Johnson, 2020). These two latter items are outside the scope of this website but are included for reference.


Related marriages

Unsurprisingly, there are some inter-linked (double in-law and another consanguineous) marriages (a chart (SVG) is available showing the named people boxed in red; the chart is text searchable, and can be scrolled or zoomed in or out according to what your browser offers)