Hargers in Settle



(Holy Ascension, with the exception of Robert Harger at Skipton and his wife Mary Isabella at Settle Zion)

Harold Foxcroft's publication (settle_church_graveyard_foxcroft_harger_dugdale.PDF pdf, 5Mb) gives 23 burials under 'Harger'. There are 10 headstones/plots associated with those 22 entries, most have identifiable headstones and plots; this page covers most of them. This page also includes some other plots/headstones in which are buried other Harger family members e.g. under their married name for example Hartley, Armistead, Bateson and Jackson. At the current stage of research, there are at least 60 records of burials (headstones, plots, register entries and other items) at Settle Holy Ascension, either explicity Harger named, or Harger related. This pages seeks to document Harger named headstones, and some close related significant headstones (e.g. by marriage). It is not expected to document the majority of the non-Harger-named headstones or plots in the wider extended family on this page at this time.

Harold Foxcroft created a listing of the Settle burial registers in 1998. An extract with information on the churchyard and its history, and records relating to Hargers is: settle_church_graveyard_foxcroft_harger_dugdale.PDF pdf, 5Mb)

In 2018, Settle U3A started "Stories from the Graveyard" an extensive study of Settle churchyard publishing the information and a book 'Curious Tales from the Ancient Graveyard'; for information see the Resources page on this website

Burial cards for some of the above may be found at burials.

Holy Ascension Settle's burial records from 1839 to date are available online https://hagryd.uk/, along with Giggleswick burial records from 1800, which include several Hargers.



For research of the records and headstones at Giggleswick church, Nigel Mussett produced two excellent books in 2015: "Giggleswick Parish Registers 1800-1999" and "Memorials and Inscriptions At St Alkelda's Church Giggleswick 1585 - 2011" . See Resources page