Hargers in Settle


The idea behind this website

Over the (last 35) years, at different times, I have done a fair amount of family history research (especially benefitting from elderly relatives who are sadly and inevitably no longer with us), a small part of which is Hargers in Settle (via paternal grand-mother). In the last 4 or 5 years, I have digitised all the documents (that were previously paper and card indexes!), and created a database which makes research much easier. Started in 2018, there has been a substantial research project investigating the graveyard in Settle (by Settle U3A, see the Resources page) which has enabled further development of information on the Harger name in Settle, and to which I have been able to contribute a little.

I didn't want to keep all this information to myself, wanted to make it available to other researchers (for personal research purposes), and (put bluntly) there are very few people to pass it on to. By making the information available on the web, I wanted to see what other avenues of enquiry, connections and research might arise.

I have chosen not to use one of the well-known commercial family history websites to make the information available because

The website hargersinsettle.co.uk was created in 2020. It may only have infrequent small updates thereafter. The date stamp in the bottom right corner of each page gives an indication of the last time of edit.



This website aims to shed some light on the Harger family name in Settle. The website loosely centres around Robert Harger (1775-1848), covering some of his ancestors (as far as back as Eli Harger who arrived from Elland to Settle in 1720 when the present occurrence of the name first appeared in the town) in outline, showing his children at some level of detail, and specifically detailing the family and descendants of his son Joseph Harger (1809-1886) tracing the Harger name/lines in Settle until the name disappeared from the town, around 1950, either because people died or they moved away. It does not seek to be a replacement for the established commercial family history websites in terms of details held in statutory records (they already do that job reasonably well), but it does aim to make available family documents, photographs and some history which are not the typical business of usual family history websites and which, probably, have not been made available up to now. Trying to cover every historical detail of every branch of every family and every line would be an insurmountable task, so this website does not claim to be the definitive guide to the Harger name in Settle. There were occurrences of the name Harger in Settle previous to 1720, but these are not documented here. Data up to the current generation is held offline and available on request, it's just not published on this website for personal data security reasons, and it's beyond the scope of this website either by name or by time.



Most of this would not have happened if I hadn't had the wealth of information and contacts from my father. He never threw anything away (which was both a hindrance and a blessing at different times) and he kept in touch with every distant relative, many of whom were extremely helpful and kindly and patiently answered my enquiries. In addition, I am grateful to

and many others who provided information and research, and with apologies if I have omitted them.



My family history database software is gramps (https://gramps-project.org/); most of the reports and charts on this website are from gramps.



Please see contact page. I am happy to receive comments, questions, criticism, and will try my best (but will not guarantee) to respond. I would be delighted to hear of related family history research and happy to exchange information and details.


Continuing research

Research is always ongoing, and I may add more information as it becomes available and relevant. I would be delighted to hear from anyone with similar research interests: contact

Data protection and personal data

To the best of my knowledge, there is no information on any living person on this website: please advise if this is not the case. I have also tried to avoid putting obvious details of parents of anyone living to avoid displaying obvious mother's maiden names etc. This is one reason for limiting the scope of the information on this website.


Errors and omissions and complaints

Any errors on this website are mine alone. Please advise of any errors or omissions or complaints and I will do my best to address them.