Hargers in Settle


A Bible was presented to Robert Harger in 1865 by members of the Wesleyan Sunday school in Settle. The Bible is of interest because it contains the "Family Register" in the central pages with details of family births, deaths and marriages

Robert Harger was born on 7 Jan 1844 in Settle to Joseph Harger and Margaret née Baldwin. He married Mary Isabella née Harvey in 1868 but she died within 18 months of the marriage (possibly during child birth: there is a memorial headstone for Mary in the Zion chapel graveyard in Settle which mentions the death of an infant daughter although the headstone wording is now sadly incomplete as the headstone is delaminating).. Robert then married Anne née Kirkby in 1870 and had two daughters, Sarah Agnes Harger (known as Sally/Sallie) in 1876 and Margaret Annie Kirkby Harger (sometimes known as Madge or Maggie) in 1881. Robert was Clerk of Works at Lancaster Asylum from 1868 until 1875, then from 1875 was Sanitary Inspector / Inspector of Nuisances (what a great job title, but it doesn't refer to nuisances as we think of today, but more the definition of something harmful) / Public Health Inspector in Skipton until death. He died 25 Nov 1885 in Skipton, and is buried at Waltonwrays cemetary in Skipton*1.

Below is a scan of the first page of the central "Family Register" pages (click on the image below for a larger image of all 5 pages), and then a transcript. NB: there are some inconsistencies in some of the dates when compared to other sources.


Click on image above to open larger image of all 5 pages (11Mb, JPG)

Transcription of above pages from Robert Harger's Bible

Inscription on front page of Bible:

Presented to Robert Harger by the teachers and friends of the Wesleyan Sunday School Settle as a token of esteem January 21 1865

The inner "Family Register" pages:

Robert Harger born Jan 7 1844
Mary Isabella Harvey born July 29 1844
Anne Harger born July 6 1844

Joseph Harger father of Robert Harger born Dec 19 1809
Margaret wife of Joseph Harger born Feb 13 1817

William Kirkby, father of Anne Harger, born Oct 10 1802
Ann, wife of William Kirkby, born March 31 1802, died Aug 2 1868

John Vincent, brother of Robert Harger, born Mar 2 1846
Thos, brother ... born Dec 31 1848
Joseph William, do, born Sep 15 1850, died April 1869 *2
Ann Agnes, sister of Rob Harger, born Nov 14 1852, died Oct 1859*2
Margaret Catherine sister of Robert Harger born April 15 1855
Mary Ellen sister of Robert Harger born May 16 1858
Margaret Agnes sister of Robert Harger born Dec 8 1842 died Feb 1846


Sarah Agnes Harger born Nov 3 1876*3


Robert Harger and Mary Isabella Harvey married Jan 8 1868

Robert Harger & Ann Kirkby married Nov 23 1870


Mary Isabella Harvey wife of Robert Harger May 1869